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[01 Dec 2004|08:10am]
Happy Birthday Muriel
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[06 Aug 2004|08:10pm]



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[ mood | WaHoO ]

Dont be a loser
Dont be a fool
Listen to this great band
Because they're really cool
These guys are really awesome
These guys are really tight
I wish I could sleep with all of them
Every single night

Each and every one of them is super duper hot
You think your band plays better, i asure you, they do NOT
An awesome gee-tar player he can jam and is real dandy
Thats right man, you got it, this fine ass kid is Randy
This next kid is insane, he IS the drummer man
No one can play like crazy ... like crazy Connor can
We got a damn cute cutie and he covers all the bass
Trey is great and sexy come on... you want a taste?
This last boy is a screamer in bed and on stage
Josh screams his little heart out and sounds like he's in rage

So there you have it readers, the guys of
Every Wretched Dream
Those four kids together
make a damn good HOT HOT team!



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junior fire fighter [28 Jul 2004|12:03am]

fire chief muriel

i'll put your fire out

my house burnt down
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There's a NEW Big Boobs McGee in town [27 Jul 2004|11:30pm]


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[26 Jul 2004|10:55pm]
i love you moodie. :)

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[24 Jul 2004|11:51am]

no one else is doing this. i guess i will though

application, fucker.Collapse )

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application. [24 Jul 2004|11:49am]
[ mood | thinking about muriel ]

Do You Love Muriel? yes
How much do you love Muriel?times[x]infinity
Hablas Español? si, yo hablo mucho espanol
Hansen (Yes/No)? big hell yes.
Does Muriel Love YOU? she loves me more than she loves you

he's saying 'i love muriel!!'


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DAMN THING [21 Jul 2004|10:52pm]

[ mood | too many to pick from ]

I figured it out. :-)

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[22 Jul 2004|04:37pm]

okay well, this the community that we made. I know it needs alot of working on, but we'll have it together in no time. :)

Join it though ok. <3


Do You Love Muriel?
How much do you love Muriel?
Hablas Español?
Hansen (Yes/No)?
Does Muriel Love YOU?

Post pictures if you want.
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